Polar Riva Fixing Instructions

Fixing instructions for Polar/Riva on to Suspended Timber Floor with Electric wire under floor heating

1 Ensure that Joists, floor boards, Waterproof ply, Tongue and grove etc are stable without excessive movement, screwed down, dust free and dry.

2 Cut Ditra matting to fit area then fix using Ditra Adhesive. Ensure sheets are overlapped and a kerdi matting skirting is used if the area is to be water proof.

3 Apply single part rapid flex white adhesive to the Ditra matting to create a level screed 2mm above the Ditra matting. Allow to dry.

4 Fix the under floor heating as per manufacturers instructions & test. Ensure that none of the heating elements are in contact with matting.

5 Fix the Tiles with a minimum 2mm grout joint using a white rapid flexible adhesive, using a notched trowel to create a 4mm bed, using the solid bed method of fixing so that at least 90% of the tile is in contact with the adhesive and that the bed is free from voids. Also ensure that none of the heating elements are in contact with the tile. Allow to dry

6 Apply one thin coat of MN Stainstop to tile , after 15 mins remove any excess with a dry cloth.

7 Grout using a flexible floor grout.

8 Clean and set up a regular maintenance programme.

9 Do not switch on the under floor heating on for at least 2 weeks and then only increase the temperature above room temperature by 2 degree increments per day until the desired temperature has been achieved.

Fixing instructions for Suspended timber floors or floors where there is a mix of substrates, cracked old screed, green screed or water pipe underfloor heating systems

As above omit points 3 & 4 i.e. creating a screed etc, apply adhesive to the matting using a notched trowel and fix tile immediately to create a 3 mm bed above the matting. Follow points 6, 7, 8 & 9.

Fixing instructions for Screeded Floors with/without under floor heating

As above omit points1, 2, 3 & 4 i.e. creating a screed etc. apply adhesive direct to a primed screed using a notched trowel, and fix tile immediately to create a 3 mm bed. Follow points 6, 7 & 8 N.B. New Screeds should dry out or cure before tiles can be laid; industry recommendation is 25 mm per week, otherwise use ditra matting as above.

Fixing instructions for walls areas i.e. plaster/plasterboard, ply, backer board & render

As above omit points 1, 2, 3 & 4 apply adhesive direct to a primed surface using a notched trowel and fix tile immediately to create a 3 mm bed (the bed should never exceed 6mm). This product is not suitable to be fitted to a skimmed plaster or render. Follow points 6, 7 & 8.

N.B. That although Polar and Riva have a very low absorption (less than 1 %) making them resistant to staining, they are 98 % marble dust so they will be affected by strong acids & alkalis such as Strong detergents, bleach etc.

Also, when using silicone please ensure they are (acetone free) low modulus and produced for use with natural materials.